Boasting in our Weakness

Bill Johnson


Description:Pastor Bill preaches a message from 2 Corinthians 12 for our Thanksgiving Sunday service.

The Cheerful Giver

Danny Yoon


Description:Pastor Danny continues the series and message off from last week continuing in 2 Corinthians 9:6-15 on our call to generosity as disciples of Jesus.

The Grace of Giving

Danny Yoon


Description:This week, Pastor Danny starts the new mini-series, The Cheerful Giver, and speaks on 2 Corinthians 8:1-15

Bring the House Down

Dierdra Clark


Description:As the Love Mercy, Do Justice Series continues, Guest speaker Dierdra Clark challenges us to resist systems in place that put others in harm's way. She speaks out of Exodus 1, Esther, and Matthew 21

Compassion, Mercy, and Justice

Bill Johnson


Description:Pastor Bill preaches week two in our CMJ series.

Waiting On The World To Change

Chris Lee


Description:One of our Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary students, Chris Lee, preaches from Lamentations 3 for the first message in our "Love Mercy, Do Justice" series!

Resting in Him

Danny Yoon


Description:Pastor Danny preaches the final sermon in our Whole Life Discipleship series out of Psalm 127.

Being a Light at Work

Bill Johnson


Description:Pastor Bill preaches on our daily work being the frontline of our love for Jesus, our formation, our contribution, our witness.

Whole Life Discipleship

Chris Lake


Description:Guest speaker Chris Lake kicks off sermon series Whole Life Discipleship.

Committing to the Local Church

HoJin Yoo


Description:Pastor HoJin preaches the last sermon in our series Church Shopping out of Romans 12.

Building Up the Church

Danny Yoon


Description:Pastor Danny preaches week 3 in the Church Shopping series. He preaches out of John 21:15-19.

A New Way to Love

HoJin Yoo


Description:Pastor HoJin preaches the second sermon in our Fall "church shopping" sermon series from John 13:31-35.

Why We Love the Church

Bill Johnson


Description:Pastor Bill kicks off our Fall sermon series "Church Shopping." He gives us five reasons why we should love the church.

Praise the Lord

HoJin Yoo


Description:Pastor HoJin preaches out of Psalm 150 and closes our summer series through the Psalms.

Living With Wisdom

Bill Johnson


Description:Pastor Bill preaches through Psalm 90 a wisdom Psalm of Moses.

Prayer for Our Nation

Corporate Prayer


Description:Pastor Bill leads the church through corporate prayer in response to the horrific events in Charlottesville, the Boston protests this past weekend, and the political climate of our nation.

Jesus Our Portion Forever

Myung Cho


Description:Myung Cho preaches our 6th sermon in the Psalms series from Psalm 73.

Ascribe to the Lord

Bill Johnson


Description:Pastor Bill preaches from Psalm 29 in our summer Psalm series. *In the middle there is a two minute break he gives for people to write down on cards. That part has been cut out for the recording. If you wish to take the time on your own please pause the recording.

Our Good Shepherd

Danny Yoon


Description:Pastor Danny preaches out of Psalm 23. *Please excuse the short interruption as we had issues with the microphone.

Sitting in Our Sadness

Bill Johnson


Description:Pastor Bill preaches out of Psalm 13 a lament Psalm.

A Reason to Pause

Danny Yoon


Description:Pastor Danny preaches week two in our summer Psalms series from Psalm chapter 19.

Pursuit of Happiness

HoJin Yoo


Description:Pastor HoJin preaches week 1 of our new summer series through the Psalms, and preaches from the Psalm 1.

Share Your Story

Danny Yoon


Description:Pastor Danny preaches the fifth and final week of our sermon series on BLESS from Luke 8 the story of Jesus and the demoniac.

Serve with Love

Myung Cho


Description:Myung Cho preaches week 4 of our BLESS series from John 13, the account of Jesus washing his disciples' feet.

Eat Together

Bill Johnson


Description:Pastor Bill shares from Luke 19 as we look at the third practice of "Eat Together" in our BLESS intentional evangelism series.

Listen With Care

Beth Severson


Description:Beth Severson, the director of evangelism for our denomination, visits Cornerstone from Chicago and preaches week two in our series on evangelism, focusing on "Listen With Care" and Philip's encounter with the Ethiopian eunuch in Acts 8.

Begin With Prayer

HoJin Yoo


Description:Pastor HoJin kicks off our new series called BLESS, an acronym for 5 simple practices for evangelism. Week one starts with the letter B, which stands for "Begin With Prayer"!

The Time is Now

Bill Johnson


Description:Pastor Bill preaches the fourth and final sermon in our Amos series encouraging the church to take action.

The Will for Justice

Bill Johnson


Description:Pastor Bill preaches week 3 of the Amos series from chapter 6.

Ambassadors for Justice

Danny Yoon


Description:Pastor Danny preaches from Amos chapter 5 exploring God's heart for injustice and our responsbility as Christians to be ambassadors for Christ.

How God Addresses Injustice

HoJin Yoo


Description:Pastor HoJin kicks off our new 4-week sermon series on the minor prophet Amos.

Christian Hospitality

Steve Cushing


Description:Rev. Steve Cushing from New England Seafarers Mission preaches on hospitality from Genesis 18.

A God-Given Mission

Bill Johnson


Description:Pastor Bill preaches on the mission of the early church and how their devotions are present in our own Cornerstone community.

The Gain: Pressing On

Bill Johnson


Description:Pastor Bill preaches from Philippians 3, looking at life with Jesus in light of His resurrection from the grave. He is risen indeed!

The Pathway to Discipleship

Danny Yoon


Description:Finishing up this year's Lenten season, Pastor Danny encourages us all to walk the pathway towards discipleship.

Biblical Food Fasting

Bill Johnson


Description:Pastor Bill continues our Lent sermon series to explain the motivation, rewards, and suggestion for fasting.

Only Jesus

HoJin Yoo


Description:With only three weeks left until Easter, Pastor Hojin describes three approaches that Christians take to following Jesus.

Pressing, Costly, & Worth It

Myung Cho


Description:Myung Cho preaches from Matthew 7, the Narrow Gate passage continuing our Lenten preaching series.

Experiencing More Joy in Life

HoJin Yoo


Description:Pastor HoJin continues our sermon series on Fast: Giving Up the World to Gain Jesus and speaks about how to experience more joy in life in 1 John 2:15-17.

Treasure of Ultimate Value and Joy

Danny Yoon


Description:In light of the Lenten season, Pastor Danny reminds us of the heart of fasting and invites us to enjoy something of everlasting satisfaction.

Marriage Thriving for Today and the Long Haul

Danny Yoon


Description:Pastor Danny preaches the fourth and last sermon in our series Tangled Hearts. He addresses marriage, preaching from Ephesians 5.

Confession, Repentance, and Cleansing from Sexual Sin

Bill Johnson


Description:Pastor Bill preaches from Psalm 51 and addresses the issue of sexual sin.

Grace In Relationships

HoJin Yoo


Description:Pastor HoJin continues our Tangled Hearts series preaching on Genesis 29.*Note: We apologize that the audio clip is distorted due to technical difficulties.

Our Created Compatibility

Danny Yoon


Description:Starting us off on our new February series, Tangled Hearts, P. Danny speaks about our aim to restoring harmony and perfect compatibility among each other.

Training for Godliness

Bill Johnson


Description:Pastor Bill concludes this sermon series with advice on how to live a life of godliness.

Stuck on the Journey

Bill Johnson


Description:Pastor Bill shares what to do when stuck on the Christian journey.

The Stages Of The Journey

Bill Johnson


Description:Pastor Bill shares the seven stages of the Christian journey

A Roadmap For The Journey

Bill Johnson


Description:*Please excuse this week's recording as we had a number of technical difficulties with the preaching microphone.Pastor Bill kicks off our New Year sermon series preaching out of 2 Peter 1:3-11.

Our Readiness

Danny Yoon


Description:Pastor Danny closes our series on the Second Coming of Jesus, focusing on 1 Thessalonians 5.

Hopeful Grieving

HoJin Yoo


Description:Pastor HoJin preaches on remaining hopeful in our grieving by keep believing and encouraging others to believe. Text is from 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18.